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Tracing the Evolution of Coupons Over the Years

Since the late 1800s, couponing has been an integral part of the world of shopping. All the way back in 1887, Coca-Cola offered a coupon for a free bottle of Coke, helping to launch their product to the American market and get people talking about their brand.  Fast forward a …

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7 of the Best Free Coupon Apps of 2024

For many shoppers, there’s nothing more exciting than getting something on sale and nothing more frustrating than paying full price. We picked seven of our favorites. We selected different apps for different types of shopping trips and have spelled out some of the most helpful features of each. 1. Ibotta …

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Citi moves deeper into e-commerce through digital couponing

Consumers looking for deals often use coupon finders in their browsers to find promotional offers to apply at checkout. Now, Citi wants to be the preferred intermediary through which its cardholders find online discounts and other rewards through a tool it rolled out in late January called Citi Shop. The Citi …

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