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coupons-for-car-rentalsA CNN report in 2008 attributed the rise in couponing to the sudden hike in food prices. According to the Promotion Marketing Association Coupon Council, there was a rise of nearly 11% in mass merchandising in 2007 making couponing one of the fastest growing means of saving money in the United States.

An MSNBC Money interview of a coupon collecting mom reported that she averaged three hours a week on coupon collection. This is not the highest report of time spent on successful couponing but certainly illustrates the time commitments required. Budgeting your couponing activities into your schedule is the best way to ensure that it does not become overwhelming or taxing. The savings related to the time spent on the endeavor is well worth it.


Finding the Best Coupons

It is essential to learn where to find the best coupons. Though your mailbox is full of them, there are exclusive ways to get a good collection of the most valuable coupons. Make it a habit of checking the most favored brands website and other websites offering a collection of online coupons on a regular basis. If you cannot find your favorite brands’ coupons, send them an email showing interest in their products. Social media sites are good sources of companies to distribute their coupons.


Organize Yourself

To save both time and money, organize the printed and manufacturer’s coupons by picking a system that works best for you. If you are technologically inclined, make a database or spreadsheet or just make a file folder. Many find that putting them in a binder system is the best way to manage their coupon collection and gives them easy access to what they need without being an overwhelming time consumer. Putting them into categories while storing them can also be useful. However, keep track about the coupon’s expiration date and the related terms and conditions.


Strategize for the Best Results

Maximize your savings by using the coupon strategies. Most of the extreme couponing individuals pair the coupons to get the best benefits. Some of the best strategies to maximize your benefits include using coupons for specific items on sale, using double coupons, or manufacturers’ coupons matched with store coupons to get double or triple benefits on deals. However, most of the stores have policies that avoid heavy couponing but it is good to invest time to find stores that allow coupon purchasing that benefits your family. Ask the store for a copy of their coupon policies and check them frequently for changes.


Taking the time to plan your trip and combine your coupons with sale items will go a long way to bringing savings into your home. You will likely find that once you get started on the way of couponing, it will stick with you and be an entirely new way of looking at shopping.

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