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How to Drive Engagement and Retention With Coupons

With the rise of online shopping, it is easier and more feasible for businesses to keep track of what a customer has bought previously. They can then make recommendations based on those previous purchases or send them custom offers or coupons that reflect the interests that they’ve shown in the …

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7 of the Best Free Coupon Apps of 2024

For many shoppers, there’s nothing more exciting than getting something on sale and nothing more frustrating than paying full price. We picked seven of our favorites. We selected different apps for different types of shopping trips and have spelled out some of the most helpful features of each. 1. Ibotta …

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I saved $19,600 by couponing my Christmas gifts

A MOM says couponing has saved her $19,600 on Christmas presents this year. While she bought each of her four children $5,000 worth of gifts, she really only spent $100 on each. An extreme couponer began her hobby when she realized she needed to save money for her growing familyCredit: …

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