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A variety of clipped store advertisement couponsWith the ongoing economic downturn, saving money is a priority. Eating out less, cutting frequency of date nights and avoiding branded food items have become the norm of an average family. With the high use of couponing, saving has increased. The best aspect of investing time in finding good coupons is that you can save a few cents to quite a few dollars on the items. Usage of multiple coupons for same transactions can save money and in some instances make money.


Investing Time

Although most people find looking for coupons time consuming and frustrating, the fact remains that investing time in finding the best coupons saves you money. People that take extreme couponing seriously, actually save hundreds of dollars on bare necessities and food while still being able to buy branded items. Taking steps to save big money with coupons are not hard.

Are you planning to be an extreme couponer? To start with, you will need to find out the place to procure the coupons. The best place to start with is the Sunday newspaper and browsing online. You’ll be surprised to find people selling clipped collection of coupons online for incredibly cheap rates.


Choose Where to Shop

Find the stores that have sales and find out when the next sales are planned. The best way to save twice as much is to use coupons during sales. That gives you double benefits. Ensure that you enroll in the loyalty program of the stores as you can use coupons and get reward points for later use. Additionally, they often have loyalty specific coupons that you can load on your card to be used at the register.


Expiration Awareness

Be aware of the coupons expiration dates and conditions of use. Some expire in a week while others have a longer validity. Some allow multiple purchases and clubbing while others are valid on a single item purchase. Additionally, you need to shop at different stores and buy when there are good deals available. Most stores have low prices on numerous items so shop ad compare before putting your money down. Another handy tip is to stock up on stuff that is non-perishable to save money later. This will maximize saving with coupons. It will also mean that once you have a great stock pile you will be able to choose when you shop allowing you to shop for items only when they are on sale and you have a coupon for them.


With a keen eye and extra patience, you can also save a lot of money using coupons. The extra money adds up and can be used for better things and it might surprise you that with a little time that was invested in searching for coupons, you got great deals on the same products.

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