Coupon Your Way to a Lower Grocery Bill

feat1Coupon savers are an extreme example of people trying to save money. Although it is a universal desire to save money, hardcore coupon users usually go grocery shopping and get carts full at half of the retail prices. If you are looking to save money, taking a few tips from them can help you save big on your grocery bill.



Organize Yourself

Set yourself up for success by getting organized. You need to be prepared to carry your coupons with you whenever you go to the store because you never know when you will find an item on a clearance rack that you can get for free or better. Yes, better. You could get that item and a credit toward your other purchases depending on the store you are shopping in. Purchase a three ring binder and some clear baseball card sleeves that clip in. Use dividers to organize the coupons by store section to be sure you can pick out your needed coupons quickly.



Gather Your Coupons

Obtain coupons from your Sunday paper in multiples. Download printable coupons from the many locations that you can find great values such as free sites like These are great resources for awesome savings. Contact the manufacturers of your favorite products to ask for coupons. You might be surprised to see how many of them are more than willing to get you coupons. You can also purchase coupons online at coupon clipping services and eBay. You might be thinking why pay for something when I am supposed to save money. The answer is that if you stay diligent and organized you will save far more than you will be spending. You can even ask friends, family and local businesses to set aside the circulars for you each week.



Become a Member

Once you have massed your coupon supply sign up for membership cards with your local stores. This is an easy thing to do, is free and will save you a fair amount of money. Many of the stores offer specialized discount coupons to customer card carriers only. This means that you can scan your card at the register and get your discounts immediately.



Plan Your Shopping Trips

Now it is time to prepare your shopping trips. Check out all the local circulars to see what is coming on sale. If you do not have these in paper form you can check them out online for most of the stores. Compare what is coming on sale with what you have for coupons and you will be surprised at what you can save. Even if you don’t think you can use the product, if you can get it for free or if you have a coupon that is over the sale price you could get cash toward your other purchases depending on your store. Ask your local stores for a copy of their coupon policies. They will be able to provide this easy or give you a link to the website where you can find it. Keep these handy and check them frequently as they do change.

Start saving today by getting yourself into a system and being consistent. The savings add up quickly and bring great value to your budget. You will soon find that you are spending far less on groceries and household items then ever before. Many have discovered that they can walk out of a store with carts full of products paying a small fraction of the regular prices.

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