Finding the Savings in Extreme Couponing

4323736033_71a985e30d_bSaving money can be a challenge even in the best of economies. Using every advantage possible to stretch the dollar is essential to making your budget work. One of the fastest growing means of creating great savings is extreme couponing.


Is Couponing Worth the Time?

Many believe that coupon clipping is simply too much work and takes too much time to be offset by the savings it provides. A new breed of coupon users has emerged to prove just how much extreme couponing can bring to your wallet. Saving thousands of dollars is within reach for those willing to make the effort. Thanks to these coupon savvy individuals, the truth about couponing value is being exposed.


The Concept of Couponing

Extreme couponing provides significant savings to those who are willing to use what is available to them to their fullest advantage. The keys to the success of clipping coupons and creating coupon wealth are consistency, organization and preparation. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it will only take you a few minutes each week clipping the local newspaper to reap the most reward from couponing. You will need to make a plan for success and stick to it. Create a list of all the stores in your area before you begin couponing. By shopping these stores during sales, with valued customer cards and with coupons you will see big savings in no time.


Be Organized in Order to Save Time

Taking the time to organize your coupons will help you begin minimizing the time required to find and use coupons successfully. Purchase a large three ring binder with zipper pouches in order to keep all of your valuable coupons in one place. An alternative to zipper pouches are clear baseball card holders that come in sheets and clip into three ring binders easily. Preparing dividers for each of the sections of the products will further organize your coupons so that you can easily access them as you need them.

Once you have a well organized binder you are ready to start collecting and placing your coupons! The number of ways you can obtain coupons is as vast as the number of coupons available. Purchasing your local Sunday paper is the most obvious option for getting these value saving pieces of paper. Thanks to great strides in technology you can also sign up for free to many online coupon clipping websites; including those that produce the same circulars that you would find in your Sunday paper. These websites allow you to print your coupons directly from your computer. Also, contact manufacturers of your favorite products and ask for coupons. Most often they are happy to supply them to you.


The couponing advice outlined above is only the starting point of money saving extreme couponing and once you have learned the technique to maximize your efforts you will be well on your way to successfully putting money back into your budget.

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