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7214454962_e2050bb2c3_bCouponing refers to the art, sport, and science, of using coupons to save money. With just a little time each week spent clipping, and maybe browsing the web, you can save hundreds of dollars on groceries, and even car maintenance. It may seem like a chore, but if you keep track of how much you save it can be addictively fun, exciting, and very useful. Here are a few tips with some useful information to get you started.


For most people, grocery couponing is the obvious place to start. The pages of coupons that come in the mail each week have so much to offer, and if you make coupon clipping a weekly routine this is the easiest way to save. To make sure you do not let them expire each week, maybe leaving them stuck to the fridge under a magnet (or several if you have been clipping frequently), you might want to invest in a coupon book to take to the store with you. If it is already in your bag with your wallet, you will be much more likely to remember it as you shop.

Car Maintenance and Repair

As you peruse the weekly coupon delivery, the special deals on car maintenance may slip your mind if car maintenance is not something you tend to think about. However, chances are good that you will end up needing the services being offered at some point or another. Clip all of these coupons, just in case. If the deal is for something other than routine maintenance, you should save it in case of an emergency. If it is something more routine, like an oil change, try to figure out the last time you got that service, and look for a coupon online.


Everyone needs to indulge every once in a while. Indulging can be different for everyone. Whether you like fancy chocolates, massages, amusement parks, or really anything that is fun but not part of your day to day life, you can probably find a coupon for it. More and more deals like this are showing up on the internet, so you may want to visit websites of businesses you use regularly for special offerings (you may have to sign up, but some you can browse without giving out your email address). Couponing is a great way to save on the things for all of your everyday expenses.
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