Couponing Advice: Be Organized

4603967329_6cc474cd58_bThere really is no right or wrong way for organizing large quantities of coupons. Some use binders for storing coupons, while other might opt for boxes with divider tabs. Some even choose not to clip anything at all. Instead, they leave their coupon inserts in full-form till sales are advertised for the coupon’s item. Organization is the key to maximizing savings from couponing. The various methods people use can be as diverse as the types of coupons different couponers collect.


Coupon Binders

This organization method is the one used most by couponers on TLC’s popular coupon show ‘Extreme Couponing.’ Many couponers opt for this method since the coupons stay put and organized within the binder regardless of how you carry the binder. In addition, dividers are used to make it easy to turn to the right coupon section when you find something on sale or clearance unadvertised. Coupon binders are easy to create and maintain and supplies for starting one are fairly inexpensive including a three ring binder, clear baseball card sleeves and dividers with tabs.


Coupon Boxes

You’ll rarely find people using this method since it’s not quite as popular as the coupon binder. It’s basically a box filled with coupons. You could make the box out of small tool boxes, recipe boxes, plastic storage boxes, or even shoe boxes. The only down side to using a box to store coupons is that the coupons will spill, scatter, and jumble up if the box is dropped by mistake.


Clip As You Go

Many couponing experts recommend this organization method for coupons. However, some people may find this ‘unreliable’ in a few ways. The first reason would be that you are likely to miss a number of opportunities just because your coupon collection can’t be taken shopping with you. Another reason supporting this claim is that going through so many store ads and doing match-ups for your specific area can be time-consuming. You’d also need to track down which ones have been missed by your favorite site that you frequent for checking up on every week’s best deals. With methods like the coupon binder, however, you can take your coupons with you wherever you go and no longer need to perform your own match-ups.


Regardless of the form of coupon management you decide to use, it’s important that you make up your mind before you get started. A successful couponer knows that saving begins with organization. Mastering the ins and outs of couponing can take very little time. The more organized and prepared you are for the upcoming sale, the more likely it is that you will be a happy shopper at ‘check-out’!

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