Home Bargains shoppers are rushing to buy £1.99 hot weather gadget for holidays and heatwave

SHOPPERS are rushing to home bargain to buy a cheap gadget to stay cool as the weather heats up.

The bargain retailer is selling handheld Pifco water mist spray fans that cost just £1.99.

Shoppers can bag the Pifco gadget in-store and online

It comes after one shopper posted a photo of the find on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

She said: “Water Mist Spray Fan JUST £1.99 at Home Bargains…”

Others responded quickly to the find with one person saying: “I’ve had them before, they’re really good.”

Another said: “I need to stock up for summer!”

“Feel like we might need these on holiday,” said a third shopper.

The fans are available in-store for £1.99 but shoppers can also bag the gadget on the Home Bargains website.

If you want to pop in-store you can find your closest Home Bargains by using the locator tool on its website.

All you need to do is type in your postcode and all the stores nearest to your location will be listed.

Customers wishing to buy the product online will have to buy a pack of three for £5.97.

But if you are shopping online you’ll need to take into account any delivery costs.

The easiest way to see your delivery cost is to enter your postcode in your shopping basket.

Home Bargains charges shoppers £3.49 for standard delivery.

But you should always have a quick shop around first as you might be able to find a similar product cheaper elsewhere.

Always remember that prices vary by brand, size and retailer so it’s worth having a browse elsewhere before you make a decision.

Use price comparison tools like Google Shopping to find similar products from other retailers and compare prices.

But it’s the cheapest handheld spray fan we’ve seen available.

Ryman shoppers can pick up a similar product – but it’ll set them back £4.99 each.

How can I save money at Home Bargains?

Home Bargains stocks plenty of everyday household products at already low prices, but every now and then it will slash costs with special “star buys” and limited-time sales.

Plus, the store has its own range of products that look strikingly familiar to rivals’ more pricey options.

That means bagging a Home Bargains dupe is a good way to make your wallet happy too.

But remember that it’s only a deal if you were planning on buying anyway.

You shouldn’t buy something just because it’s a bargain price, or discounted, otherwise, you might go over budget.

We’ve previously revealed the four items you should always buy at Home Bargains – and the two things to leave on the shelf.

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