Aldi makes major store change to closing hours and customers will need to adjust their shopping schedules

ALDI shoppers should check their local store hours as Memorial Day may have disrupted standard business operations.

The giant grocery chain closes its doors on major holidays like New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

Aldi hours of operations may change on Memorial Day

Additionally, Aldi has limited hours on Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve

Most locations open up at 9am, but just note that specific holiday hours will depend on your local store. 

Before heading to yours, make sure to check out its store locator for hours.

The grocery chain operates in 36 states and has over 2,000 stores.


Aldi has set a goal to slash prices on over 250 items to help save shoppers $60million.

In a press release, the company announced the change and said executives are defying economic pressures to provide more savings.

Aldi has also reduced its picnic-friendly snacks and other items like frozen fish and meat.

“We don’t want high grocery prices to get in the way of Americans doing what they love this summer, so we’re taking charge to champion value in a way that only Aldi can,” said ALDI U.S. co-president Dave Rinaldo.

“We’re reducing our already low prices on some of the season’s most popular items to make sure summer plans aren’t disrupted,” Dave added.


While Wednesday is the day to grab the new finds, some of its most popular and heavily discounted products can be scored on Tuesday nights.

Plus, you can also shop online for pickup or delivery and still get access to discounts and markdowns for added convenience.

Customers with the Aldi app on their iPhone or Android can access a series of extra perks.

The app features weekly ads full of coupons with up-to-date lists of Aldi Finds items.

In addition to deals, you can get extra savings by taking advantage of cashback and couponing apps that accept Aldi receipts.

And if anything goes wrong with an Aldi purchase, take advantage of the extremely generous Twice as Nice return policy.

You’re guaranteed to get a replacement item and your money back on returns.

Plus, if you eat gluten-free, Aldi offers a wide variety of high-quality gluten-free products including meals, snacks, and desserts at low prices.

Aldi has confirmed that a fan favorite has been discontinued.

Plus, a shopper scored 31 Aldi products starting at just 99 cents.

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