Aldi shoppers swear by £3 SpecialBuy item that helps them ‘sleep much better’

Aldi shoppers swear that they have found one of the best products to help with a better nights rest, thanks to their iconic SpecialBuy’s range.

The budget supermarket’s infamous middle aisle section – collectively known as SpecialBuys – has gained a legion of fans for its range of eclectic and low-priced products.

This time, it is the German grocer’s Clear Mind, Deep Sleep, and Calm Sleep diffusers for £2.99 that has received shoppers seal of approval.

Aldi’s product description for the diffusers reads: “Drift off into dreamland with these Sleep Better Diffusers by Scentcerity. Fill the air with a relaxing scent before you hit the hay. These diffusers will help you to create a calming and tranquil atmosphere as you close your eyes.”

The sleep diffusers have been such a hit, shoppers have been rushing to social media to praise the effects they have had, reports The Manchester Evening News.

Posting in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, one Facebook user wrote: “I don’t sleep well, these look great value from Aldi, will certainly be trying them.”

Aldi's SpecialBuys has another hit with shoppers
Aldi’s SpecialBuys has another hit with shoppers

Since being shared, the post has received almost 300 likes and 430 comments from Aldi fans giving their thoughts. One happy customer revealed: “I bought deep sleep and its amazing, great smell, not too strong and honestly I sleep much better.”

“I have these and they are fantastic,” a second agreed. A third echoed: “The calm sleep is fantastic”.

“Oh I need them, all of them,” a fourth commented. “Need the sleep ones,” said a fifth, according to Edinburgh Live.

A sixth posted: “Oh I’m going to look for that”. A seventh shared: “I have the calm sleep one. It smells great. I also listen to a track called stardust – relaxing fantasy music on you tube. It really helps me relax.”

Other users suggested alternative sleep products that could be picked up from high street retailers. One said: “Get mine from Poundland for £2, sleep like the dead most nights”. “Home Bargains do a lavender pillow spray that works for me 89p,” a second revealed.

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