Shoppers rave about £1.75 flavoured water from Iceland inspired by childhood retro sweets

Shoppers at Iceland’s Food Warehouse outlets are going bananas for bottles of flavoured water inspired by classic childhood sweets.

The frozen food specialist has recently became popular with customers for stocking up on bite sized chunks of nostalgia from the ‘iconic’ Barratt Sweets brand.

The Daily Record reports that just recently the retailer launched a range of ice lollies, including classic tuck shop favourites including Flumps, Nougat, and Sherbet Fountains.

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And now they are stocking Wham and Fruit Salad flavoured water and it has been a hit with shoppers on social media. Those who grew up in the 90s and early 00s will remember filling up their sweetie bags with as many of these sugary sweets as possible.

Wham and Fruit Salad flavoured water is a big hit!
Wham and Fruit Salad flavoured water is a big hit!

One savvy shopper shared a snap of the retro flavoured water to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group on Facebook, where it quickly attracted thousands of fans. They captioned the snap: “Keeping you all updated at Iceland. Wham! and fruit salad.”

The post became a hit with thousands of shoppers who couldn’t wait to get their hands on the retro flavours as soon as possible.

“I have tried both of these, and they are bloody amazing! The Wham even has the sherberty tingle!” praised one shopper.

“I had one a few weeks ago, best drinks,” commented a second.

“I want the wham 1s,” said a third.

“I’m going to need some of these in my life,” replied a fourth. “Iceland, the gift that just keeps on giving,” wrote a fifth

However, not everyone was fully convinced, with quite a few being a little more sceptical on the possible high sugar content needed to make the flavours.

“Oh god the thought of how sickly sweet these must be is making my jaw cringe,” said one.

“My teeth went furry and fell out imagining drinking this. Would still buy,” commented another.

Iceland’s Wham and Fruit Salad flavoured water is available in stores for £1.75.

Have you bagged any of Iceland’s nostalgic treats yet? Let us know in the comments.

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