Why does it take so long for inflation to come down?

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What goes up must come down — right? 

Inflation is soaring in Canada. So when will it come back down? That is the million dollar question (and last year it was only the $950 thousand dollar question!) 

Paul Haavardsrud talks to economist Jeremy Kronick about why it takes so long for inflation to cool off.

Cost of Living8:54What goes up must come down — right?

In Canada, extreme couponing isn’t all that extreme

Anis Heydari talks to a bargain-hunting superstar about ways to save and learns that — while there are deals out there — Canadians can’t expect to get a cart full of free stuff like they do on reality TV.

Cost of Living5:16In Canada, extreme couponing isn’t all that extreme

Are mobile homes the way to get into Canada’s pricey housing market? 

Trailer parks are the OG of affordable housing. I mean, where else can you find a three-bedroom home with two baths for less than $200,000?!!

Danielle Nerman explains why moving into one could be the best financial decision you’ll ever make. Just don’t call it a trailer park.

Cost of Living8:09Are mobile homes the way to get into Canada’s pricey housing market?

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