Expert Shopper Shares How To Get Unbelievable Deals At Dollar General Without Tipping Off Staff – ‘If you find an item, take them all.’ » TwistedSifter

Source: TikTok/@hotmomcouponer

Whispering into her phone as if communicating a covert operation for the CIA, coupon expert @hotmomcouponer shares her hot tips for getting items for literally a penny at the Dollar General.

Penny items are discontinued items that are still in the store and accessible to the public.

According to the poster, “If they don’t remove them from the shelf and they don’t send them back and a customer finds them, they can buy them.”

Source: TikTok/@hotmomcouponer

But you need to be a bit crafty.

If you tip off the staff that you want to buy a discontinued item, they may take them away or claim they can’t honor a penny discount.

And then you would have gone on your quest for nothing.

“If you find an (discontinued) item, take them all.”

Sounds annoying and greedy, but “As soon as an employee scans it and it’s a penny, they’re instructed to remove all the items.”

Source: TikTok/@hotmomcouponer

She ends the video with a short tutorial on how to scan items at your local Dollar General to see if they will be penny sales, as they aren’t going to be labeled as such in the store.

She also graciously shared her source for this tip and for future tip-offs about sales:

Don’t forget your mobile phone when you go penny shopping!

Source: TikTok/@hotmomcouponer

Check out the full video here.


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Let’s see what people in the comments had to say.

Turns out this adventure can be disappointing.

Source: TikTok/@hotmomcouponer

I love this harmonious relationship of shopper and clerk.

Source: TikTok/@hotmomcouponer

Some retail professionals shared tips about the stores that they work.

Source: TikTok/@hotmomcouponer

I’m not comfortable with public WIFI for cybersecurity reasons, but it seems most people don’t care.

Source: TikTok/@hotmomcouponer

Congrats on your victory! Impressive.

Source: TikTok/@hotmomcouponer

If you have some free time on your hands and could use some free stuff, maybe try this yourself!

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