Target Customer Says New Coupon Policy Can Save You Money

When Roxanna, known cheekily on TikTok as @mamicouponz, posted a video about a fun discovery at Target, she likely didn’t anticipate the excitement it would generate across the platform. With views hitting the 420,000 mark, Roxanna shared what appeared to be a “glitch” in Target’s system that was allowing digital coupons—usually restricted to in-store use—to be applied to pickup and drive-up orders. Through a greenscreen walk-through, she narrated, “Do you guys see this? Is Target making it easier for us to coupon online? I don’t know. Is it an error? I don’t know, but right now, digital coupons on the Target app are applying for any pickup or drive-up order.”

She proceeded to point out several bargains, transforming the online shopping experience into a hunt for deals. “This Kleenex three-pack is a $1.49, but you’re gonna clip that one dollar off coupon, and it drops to $0.49,” she said. “Neutrogena Makeup Remover: This is $5.99 but has a $3 off coupon. This Vaseline lotion is $3.99 but has a $2.50 off coupon, making it $1.49. This new Dove serum-infused body wash has a $3 off and a $4 off. They’re both stacking, making this just $2.99. Band-Aid gauze pads for $0.99 when you clip the coupon and some Clorox toilet bowl cleaner for $1.89 when you clip the $1 off coupon.”

The response from viewers was immediate and enthusiastic. One commenter exclaimed, “I got 12 items for $30! I saved $45.63!!” Another chimed in with, “Yayyy! I’ll be couponing at Target now lol,” expressing gratitude for Roxanna’s reveal. A third viewer provided a potential explanation for this phenomenon, stating, “Target announced they will auto apply any coupons your purchase is eligible for starting TODAY.”

Target did indeed announce that it will start automatically applying coupons for Target Circle members; however, the change is not expected to take effect until next month. In its announcement, Target stated, “The newness kicks off when Target Circle launches on April 7, with every member getting access to automatic deals applied at checkout — so you can feel confident you’re getting the best deal every time, without having to search for or add individual offers.”

Target Circle is free to join, but the company also announced that it’s introducing “three new membership options that build on each other,” including a paid option that costs $49 for new members for the first year.

@mamicouponz OKAYYYY target, is this permanent i have no idea. But digital coupons are applying for pickup and drive up orders, which NORMALLY we can only use these in store 🔥 go place your order #targetdeals #couponing #savingmoney ♬ original sound – Roxanna / MAMICOUPONZ

This shift in Target’s coupon policy comes at a time when the retailer reported its first sales decline in seven years, exposing the pressing need for innovative strategies to attract and retain customers. This is off the backs of new coupon services, like Honey and Coupon Birds, streamlining the online check-out process and forcing retailers to keep up. In order to recover, Target aims to make online shopping as user-friendly as possible and enhance the store experience.    

The enthusiastic reception of Roxanna’s video suggests that this move toward auto-applying coupons could be a step in the right direction for Target, offering a seamless, user-friendly shopping experience that leverages the convenience of a digital platform.

It’s not just in the wonderful world of retail where folks are capitalizing on digital couponing, but with fast food as well. One McDonald’s customer went viral on TikTok after discovering they could nab themselves six Happy Meals for just $9 thanks to a buy one, get one meal deal they learned to take advantage of via the restaurant’s app.

In the digital age, traditional coupon clipping has evolved into a click-and-save scenario, with shoppers like Roxanna leading the charge in sharing these expiring opportunities. Target’s apparent update to its coupon policy, as revealed through this viral TikTok, reflects a larger trend in retail toward embracing digital innovation to meet the changing needs and behaviors of consumers.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Roxanna and Target via email for further comment. 

*First Published: Mar 13, 2024, 4:00 pm CDT

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