Bargain hunters race to Dunelm to nab a light fitting that’s been reduced by over £100…but you must be quick to nab one

BARGAIN hunters are racing to get to their nearest Dunelm store, desperate to nab a stunning light fitting that’s been massively reduced.

So if you want to give your home a glow up, but without having to break the bank, you’ve come to the right place.

Savvy shoppers are scrambling to get their hands on a stunning light fitting that’s been reduced by more than £100Credit: Getty
Inese Cekstere proudly took to social media to show off her discounted find, leaving many open-mouthedCredit: facebook/ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK
Inese nabbed the light fitting for £36.25, saving a whopping £108.75Credit: facebook/ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK

One savvy shopper, Inese Cekstere, was left beaming when shopping in her local Dunelm, when she spotted a light fitting that had been slashed.

Thrilled with her cheap find, Inese took to social media to show off her purchase.

Posting on Facebook, on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the Dunelm shopper explained: “So in love with this, made my day.”

Alongside her post, Inese attached two images – one of her beautiful Angela LED chain ring light and another of her receipt.

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Once priced at £145, Inese saved over £100 on her purchase, as she was lucky enough to nab the stunning fixture for just £36.25.

Inese purchased the delicate silver homeware item from a Dunelm on Belvedere Road, in Lowestoft.

The receipt explained that the cascading light fitting was reduced as a result of a price override, giving her a hefty discount of £108.75.

When asked how she got the discount, Inese confirmed: “It was stock from online which didn’t sell so they put it in store at a reduced price to get rid of it.”

Inese shared her post 17 hours ago, but it has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly amassed 272 likes and 77 comments.

Social media users were stunned at the huge saving and were eager to express this in the comments.

One person said: “Found my living room shade.” 

Another added: “Love this!”

A third commented: “I need one.” 

Whilst someone else shared: “It looks beautiful, well done.”

Meanwhile, one shopper tagged a friend and penned: “Maybe we should have a trip to Dunelm to see if we can find any bargains like this.”

Another mentioned a loved one and wrote: “We need to go [to] Dunelm.”

At the same time, someone else tagged a Facebook user and wrote: “I want.”

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