The £2.49 Home Bargains bamboo plates parents can’t get enough of

Parents are hailing Home Bargains’ £2.49 plates as ‘absolute bargains’, comparing them to significantly more expensive ones on the market.

Bamboo plates are increasingly popular among parents who are concerned about potential toxins in plastic alternatives.

Home Bargains is selling a number of designs, including a bear’s face, a rainbow emerging from behind clouds and a car.

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A keen-eyed parent, Chelsea Louise, spotted the items and shared a photo with fellow members of the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Group UK on Facebook.

More than five thousand parents tagged friends and family, asking them to pick up the items on their behalf next time they visited Home Bargains.

Laura Hull commented: “This is an absolute bargain!” given items from companies such as Bamboo Bamboo sells its plates for £16.99 a piece.

Caroline Hills added: “So cute, and reasonably priced, too!”

The only downside to the items, parents say, is that they don’t have suction cups on the bottom to stop weaning babies from throwing their dinner.

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Despite that, shoppers were keen to get their hands on the plates.

Zee Emily Elsdon-Davis called the cute items a: “Perfect little stocking filler!”

Earlier this week we visited both Home Bargains and B&M to see which offered the best stocking fillers and Secret Santa gifts.

You can read that full story on our shopping page.

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