Mum accused of embarrassing her kids after snapping up Lidl trainers

A mum bought two pairs of the branded trainers for her daughters, but was told she would be opening her children up to “bullying” by letting them wear the fashion item

A picture of the outside of a Lidl supermarket. There is a woman pushing a shopping trolley outside, as well as a car in the car park.
The trainers were launched in July and feature the supermarket’s classic colour scheme

Lidl recently caused a stir with the release of a pair of trainers that feature the logo of the budget supermarket and are the company’s signature colours – yellow, blue, and red.

And while some people love the bizarre fashion item, one mum has been accused of opening her children up to embarrassment and bullying by snapping up two pairs for her daughters.

Posting to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook page, the mum shared a picture of the trainers and seemed excited to have finally got her hands on the interesting footwear.

She wrote: “My two crazy daughters have their hands on the Lidl trainers.”

The shoes have split opinion online, but many have defended them as “in fashion”


Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK/Facebook)

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But her post quickly divided opinion online, with thousands of comments left on the post and many of them questioning why anyone would purchase the trainers.

One person wrote: “I would not embarrass my child by putting them in them. Primark probably sells cheaper trainers that are better looking.”

While another asked: “Why would anyone want these?”

And a third quizzed: “Are you really going to let your kids wear them?”

Someone else declared: “Kids will get bullied for wearing these. I wouldn’t put my kids through that.”

However, there were other commenters who defended the mum, stating the trainers are actually all the rage.

One posted: “For anyone saying how could you do that to your kids. They want to, everyone’s wearing this sort of stuff at festivals now along with their IKEA bucket hats. No one will be getting bullied for it.”

And another said: “There were kids in my local Lidl yesterday complaining because they’d sold out of these trainers. They’re turning into the latest fashion trend.”

While others just couldn’t believe how “nasty” some of the negative comments were.

Someone wrote: “Why does anyone else care what people wear? People saying kids will be bullied, maybe try looking at why? Why not teach kids not to be nasty to other kids over what they wear they’re trainers for god sake, I bet if they replaced the label with a brand label everyone would be loving them and saying they were so colourful and ‘unique’.”

Lidl first launched the trainers in July, and they currently retail at £14.

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