Tylor’s Head Scars Have a Scary Story Behind Them

TLC has brought dozens of hit reality TV shows to the American public, including pop culture hits like 90 Day Fiance, 19 Kids and Counting, and Extreme Couponing. One of the newest shows in TLC’s reality TV portfolio is Unexpected. Over the years, Unexpected has profiled numerous couples. And these couples’ personal lives and backgrounds have been so dramatic that some of them have remained in the spotlight long after their time on Unexpected ended. Laura Barron and Tylor Strawmyer are one such couple, and fans were recently curious about Strawmyer’s significant head scars.

Jenna Ronan and her boyfriend Aden Albright having a conversation in their room.

TLC’s Unexpected
(L-R) Jenna Ronan and Aden Albright | TLC

‘Unexpected’ follows the journey of pregnant teen moms and their partners

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The show first debuted in 2017, reports People magazine, and its fourth season premiered in the winter of 2020. Unexpected is the latest iteration of reality television’s continuous take on teen pregnancies, joining the likes of MTV’s Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. However, TLC pitches its docuseries as a more serious perspective on the issue.

“[The show] takes a raw look at three teenage pregnancies and the effects it has on their families as everyone prepares for the arrival of the babies,” explains TLC. “In each story, our pregnant couple is entirely unprepared to have a child. Now, it’s the parents of the teens who must help them through all of the tribulations that come along with this life change.” 

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The couple quickly became a fan favorite, especially as Barron and Strawmyer worked to get their lives in order before the arrival of their unexpected child. “The two adapted and grew up a lot,” explains ScreenRant, recapping the couple’s stint on Unexpected when Barron was pregnant with their soon-to-be-born son Lucas. “They went on to get married, had another baby, and seemed pretty settled into family life.”

After his time on Unexpected, Strawmyer joined the Navy. But things quickly took a turn. Shortly after Barron had their second son Leo, ScreenRant reports that the two split up in mid-2020. By the winter, they were back together, but not before more controversy arose around Strawmyer. According to Soap Dirt, Strawmyer got another woman pregnant while he and Barron were separated.

Soap Dirt explains that Barron defended her partner on social media, saying that he hadn’t done anything wrong because they were technically on a break. With a renewed focus on Strawmyer, another question soon arose: Where did the reality TV star get all the scars on his head?

Strawmyer’s scalp is dotted with numerous scars

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Throughout his season on Unexpected, Strawmyer sat in front of the camera for numerous confessionals. Fans noticed that his head had a lot of scarring. “If you’ve seen Unexpected, you definitely would have noticed the back of Tylor’s head, which has multiple bald patches,” notes Distractify. Fans were so intrigued that Strawmyer had to go on Twitter to clear up the questions.

“It was a mole that very well could’ve turned into cancer and I got it removed as a baby,” Strawmyer wrote. “It got infected in kindergarten and I was in the hospital for over 2 weeks.”

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