New Product to Extend Offer Engagement and Drive Further Purchase

SOUTHFIELD, MI–(Marketwired – Jun 16, 2016) – HelloWorld, the leading digital marketing solutions provider for the world’s largest marketers, today unveiled a new product, Streak Couponing™, an industry first.

With 17 years of online engagement expertise, HelloWorld has built Streak Couponing™ to arm marketers with new ways to reward consumers. At its sweet spot between promotional and loyalty program activation, this new product enables brands to build consumer engagement by triggering offers of increasing value as a consumer redeems a previously-sent offer within a specified timeframe. The offers, ranging from “Buy One, Get One” (BOGO) offers, discounts, or VIP experiences, are sent on a dynamic schedule through the consumer’s preferred channel — email, SMS, or mobile app. Marketers are able to generate excitement for their brand during key time periods. Streak Couponing drives acquisition of new customers through promotional enrollment, rewards their most loyal consumers, incentivizes additional purchases, and measures short-term ROI, a challenge for many marketing initiatives.

The product was built for retailers and restaurants, as well as the hospitality industry — brands that typically send offers in a steady cadence, but may struggle with longer-term engagement. A retailer can begin a Streak with a 10% discount offer, for example. When that offer is redeemed within a pre-determined time period, the consumer may receive a BOGO incentive shortly thereafter. If that offer is redeemed, the consumer will receive a 25% off discount, and so on. The specific offers and timing constraints are fully customizable and tailored to each brand’s business objectives. This successive offer schedule fosters return-shopping behavior and greater brand affinity.

“Consumers have become accustomed to wait for the 40% off offer before purchasing, knowing the next big sale is only a few days away,” said Russell Zack, SVP, Products and Solutions, HelloWorld. “Streak Couponing™ offers inspire successive purchases and limit a brand’s liability of a one-size-fits-all consumer purchase incentive strategy. With our technology, we can now power and track a consumer’s purchase engagement,” he said.

Streak Couponing fits perfectly between promotions and loyalty as a way to reward shoppers and drive purchase momentum. A Streak can be added to a chance-based promotion or as a layer to a brand’s loyalty program. For more information or to request a demo, visit

About HelloWorld, Inc.
HelloWorld is a digital marketing solutions company working with the world’s leading brands across all industry verticals. The company offers a powerful combination of native platform technology and marketing strategy to marketers looking to accelerate growth and deepen consumer impact. HelloWorld creates brand-consumer interactions through promotional campaigns to spark interest, loyalty programs to retain and reward, and mobile messaging. Founded in 1999 as ePrize, HelloWorld is one of the largest independent digital marketing companies, with offices in Detroit, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle. The company has been behind highly effective regional and global campaigns for clients such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, the Gap, and Procter & Gamble. For more information, please visit

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