I saved $19,600 by couponing my Christmas gifts

A MOM says couponing has saved her $19,600 on Christmas presents this year.

While she bought each of her four children $5,000 worth of gifts, she really only spent $100 on each.

An extreme couponer began her hobby when she realized she needed to save money for her growing familyCredit: SWNS
She looks through the Sunday paper and grocery magazines regularly, searching for couponsCredit: SWNS

In 2018, Karla Benavides, 28, was pregnant with her third child and relying on her husband’s salary alone to sustain the family – so, she began couponing as a way to save on necessities.  

After consistently cutting out the diaper coupons from the Sunday paper, she realized that this habit could save her cash in every aspect of her life – not just diapers.

This year she has bought $5,000 worth of toys for each of her four kids – but in reality, she only spent $100 on each, saving around $19,600 total.

Her savings also extend to meals.

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She got her entire $75 Thanksgiving dinner for six people for free by using coupons and has been collecting a new stack all year in a bid to do the same on Christmas.

The extreme couponer and content creator explained how her budget-shopping passion all began.

“I was pregnant with our third baby and our second child was still in diapers,” she exclusively told The U.S. Sun.

“As a one-income family, I was thinking about how expensive things would be after our third was born.”

She began to “freak out,” nervous about how the growing family would make ends meet.

That’s when she stumbled upon couponing, finding them both in the Sunday newspaper and in the grocery magazines on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

“I get up to 99% off some items,” she shared.

While she used to spend $200 per kid on Christmas, she’s now getting them far more things for less.

“Now, I have these toys and all these items so each of our children gets around $5,000 in toys.

“I spent around $100 on each of my kids at Christmas, as I have bought their toys at such a low price,” she said.

Karla’s family, including her 32-year-old husband Jay Ramirez – who works as a paralegal – and her children – aged 1, 5, 7, and 10 – save around $600 dollars a month by couponing.

She has since moved away from using paper coupons and now uses coupons on her phone that are ready to scan when she gets to the register.

The Los Angeles native said: “I used to spend $800 dollars a month on my grocery shopping and now I spend less than $150.

“We save so much money, I have created a stockpile in my laundry room. Some weeks we don’t even have to go shopping as we have everything already.”

With all the surplus, she helps out those closest to her too.

“I am able to let my family and friends come around and get some items,” she said.

“I feel very lucky to have stumbled across couponing and I am grateful that I can help others.”

Even with her Christmas shopping, she is continuing to share with those in need.

Last Christmas, Karla saved nearly as much on the kids’ presents as this year, around $19,000 after getting 99% off on items.

“I have a whole storage unit that is filled from top to bottom with toys,” she said.

“I can donate them and give them to friends, family, and my kids.”

She bought each of her kids 5,000 worth of gifts but only spent $100 on each thanks to couponsCredit: SWNS
She has a stockpile in her house, and she sometimes invites friends and family over to grab what they needCredit: SWNS
She is thankful to have stumbled upon couponing because it allows her to help others while also helping her familyCredit: SWNS

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