I saved £30 on my weekly shop using easy hack… I only had to pay £8.27 after downloading an app

A WOMAN has revealed how she saved £30 on her weekly shop using an easy hack, getting the lot for just £8.27.

Posting in a Facebook group for “extreme couponing”, Kymberley Bates explained how she managed to knock so much off her bills.

Kymberley saved £30 on her weekly shop with an easy hackCredit: Facebook
She managed it by using Asda’s rewards appCredit: Getty

Kymberley, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, shared a digital receipt from her latest trip to her local Asda to demonstrate the handy trick.

She explained that she used Asda’s rewards app for “weekly nip-ins” to build up points which could be converted into a voucher.

Kymberley wrote: “Asda Christmas saver came in handy for a little weekend top-up today

“Managed to save £27 through weekly nip ins, they topped it up with that £3 bonus giving £30 total

“Created my voucher on the rewards app, and then went onto the asda app to do a shop, it automatically comes off your total.”

All in all, she ended up with nearly £40-worth of items for just under a tenner.

According to Kymberley, all you have to do is go onto the app and click on the “wallet” feature at the bottom of the homepage.

The amount you have built up in rewards should be highlighted in red at the bottom of that section.

Simply click that and it will convert into a voucher code that you can use in-store or online.

You can even select the amount of credit you wish to use up so you can spread your rewards across multiple trips.

Social media commenters loved the handy hack.

One wrote: “I’ve just done a little order to collect 23rd December, spent £47 but used my £45 voucher so just need to pay £2.60.

“Makes things feel so much better.”

It comes after shoppers rushed to buy Aldi’s new £1.75 McDonald’s burger dupes.

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