Tesco shoppers wince at new ‘Value Oodie’ as shop goes ‘too far’ – but others love it

Shoppers are divided following the release of Tesco’s latest Oodie dupe, with some desperate to get their hands on one and others running in the opposite direction

The fluffy garment has divided opinion(Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK/Facebook)

Tesco found itself with a surprising hit on its hands last Christmas following the release of the ‘Tesco’s Value’ jumper. And in celebration of this year’s festivities, the supermarket has gone one step further, dividing shoppers in the process.

The store recently launched their ‘Value’ Oodie dupe, which comes in Tesco‘s colours of blue, white and red, and features a huge “Tesco Value” slogan on the front.

One happy shopper took to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook, revealing that she had already purchased one for her son to go with his Tesco Value socks – and people were quick to comment.

The Tesco’s Value Oodie is dividing shoppers(Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK/Facebook)

“My son has the socks, and he is getting the T-shirt for his birthday, I think I need one of these for his birthday too,” one person laughed, while a second wrote: “I love it! I’d wear it if I had 1!” Others questioned whether the fluffy hoodie was a step too far, however: “Would this not just be too much??”

It comes after Primark raised eyebrows with the release of their Christmas jumper. An eagle-eyed shopper spotted the jumper in question on the rails of her local store and shared it with other bargain lovers on Facebook to see what they thought of it.

The jumper in question is a light blue colour with the iconic brand logo plastered front and centre, surrounded by the well-known brown paper bags,. The addition of snowflakes and brown zig-zags gives it a festive touch – but it would take a true Primark fan to want to wear the garment out and about.

The Primark Christmas jumper has also divided opinion(Facebook/ExtremeCouponingAndBargainsUK)

Alongside the photo of the jumper, the shopper wrote: “For all you Primarni lovers you know you want one, £16 is a bargain.” The post was a hit and people were quick to share their opinions on the unique jumper.

A huge number loved the garment, with one Facebook user even going so far as to plan a whole outfit around it: “100% essential and will match gorgeously with Uggs!” A second added: “It’s on lol I will be finding this.”

But others were more concerned about the price people were willing to pay to advertise the retail giant for free. “Who on earth would want a jumper with Primark written on it? You pay them £16 for the privilege of advertising for them!” one pointed out, while another quipped: “Not a chance! If they want me to advertise their name on a jumper, they need to pay me to do it and give me the jumper for free!”

If you’d prefer to splash out on the real Oodie deal, you’ll want to listen up. Ahead of Black Friday, which takes place on November 24 this year, Oodie is slashing the price of its black fleece-lined blankets. Today (Tuesday, November 7), a limited number of shoppers will be able to get their hands on one for just £1 – down from £89. That means shoppers will be saving a massive £38 if they manage to buy one.

Not everyone will be able to bag a £1 Oodie though. There are only 1,500 black ones up for grabs, and when they are gone, they are gone. A statement on the website reads: “Here’s How to Grab Your £1 Black Oodie: 1. Enter your email below. We’ll email you 24 hours before the offer goes live and again with a 2-hour warning. 2. (Optional) Add your phone number to receive and SMS update when the £1 deal drops.” The offer goes live at 7pm on Tuesday, November 7, and you can already enter your email on the website here.

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