New Policy at Walmart Stores in Arkansas is Bad News For Shoppers

Going to the grocery store has become more and more expensive over the past couple of years. We all like to save money, but some changed policies at Walmart are making news and it’s not good news for shoppers.

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Walmart stores in Arkansas and Texas have changed their coupon policies. If you use coupons or are into extreme couponing, you need to know what to expect with this new policy.

According to the Coupons in The News website here is what to expect,

No Coupon Overages or Cash Back

In the coupon-saving world, also called a ‘money maker deals. This is where you could use a coupon and if the coupon was worth more than the item you would still get that money in cash back or applied to your total transaction including including WIC and SNAP. That is now gone. Now the lowest price you can get with a coupon is $0.00.

Limit of 4 Identical Coupons Per Day

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Walmart used to not have a limit of identical coupons. Now there is a limit of 4 even if the manufacturer coupon says ‘up to six’ per household per day. But, if the coupon says limit 2 then you are limited to 2. But remember there is no limit to the amount of different coupons you can use, so at least there is that.

If The Register Denies The Coupon for Any Reason, It’s Done

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Until now if you had a coupon that for some reason the register did not take, you could get an employee or manager to override the register to receive the coupon. That is now also in the past. The register is now the boss. If it doesn’t like the coupon then the coupon is toast, it’s done…kaput.

But…Why is Walmart Changing Its Coupon Policy?

Now to be fair Walmart isn’t the only store that is putting these policies into effect. They are just following in Target’s footsteps. Why? Because there has been way too much coupon misuse and counterfeit coupons.

The video below explains in even more detail the changes.

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