I couldn’t afford my usual hair dye after a price hike so tried a 99p buy

A SAVVY shopper has alerted people to a very budget hair dye that gives incredible results for a fraction of the price. 

Taking to social media, the woman explained that her usual hair dye had increased in price from £2.99 to £4.99, which is much more than she was willing to pay for just a root touch-up. 

A woman has urged shoppers to check out a hair dye that costs just 99pCredit: Getty
She said it left her hair shiny and covered all her grey rootsCredit: Facebook Extreme Couponing / Bargains UK

So she decided to try a brand found in Home Bargains, which retails for just 99p – making it £4 cheaper. 

Sharing a snap of the box, she revealed that it was by Derma V10 and she bought the Colour 4  in Natural Dark Brown for the small price. 

“With my usual hair dye increasing from £2.99-£4.99 I decided to try this 99p hair dye from home bargains,” she wrote in the caption of the post on Facebook’s Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group. 

“I always need 2 as my hair is very thick,” she continued. 

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“The bottles are slightly smaller too than the high street brands and the conditioning treatment sachet was very small so I used one I already had.

“It’s covered my stubborn grey roots and left it with a lovely shine. For a total of £1.98 I will definitely be purchasing this again,” followed by a smiling face emoji. 

She then shared before and after pictures of her hair, where she had managed to cover her grey roots. 

People were quick to comment on the post as many agreed with her review of the product. 

One person wrote: “I use this brand to do my roots too works a treat,” followed by a thumbs up emoji.

Another said: “I’ve used these for many years,having short hair one is enough so get my hair dyed for under pound.” 

A third posted: “This is the only hair dye I use and I rate it very high only dye that keeps my hair in amazong condition”. 

A fourth chimed: “I tried this the other day and was amazed x”. 

While a fifth shared: “I’ve used this for years. It’s great even had a hairdresser ask me where I got my hair coloured because it looked so natural.”

“Yes i buy this always makes a lovely job and no more high salon prices x,” another added.

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