New parents rushing to Tesco to grab baby wipes slashed to more than half price

PARENTS are racing to Tesco for its latest Clubcard deal on branded baby wipes – which are working out at 33p a pack.

Huggies’ 3 Pack Natural + Vitamin E 0% Plastic Baby Wipes have been reduced to £1 for shoppers signed up to Tesco’s loyalty programme. 

Tesco is flogging branded baby wipes for 33p a packCredit: Getty
This includes the Huggies Natural + Vitamin E 0% Plastic Baby WipesCredit: Tesco

That means each pack of wipes, which contains 48, will set you back just 33p a pop. 

Shopper Melissa Jane took to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to alert others about the deal. 

“Not sure if this is any help to anyone, but pretty sure the price isn’t what it’s meant to be,” she said. 

“I ordered two so I got six packs of wipes for £2. I’d say that’s a bargain for these wipes. 

“This was on the app.”

Huggies bosses said the wipes “are skin loving wipes, made from 100% naturally derived fibres with vitamin E”. 

“Soothes and comforts skin, clinically tested and packaged in recyclable packaging,” they added. 

“They are gentle enough for baby’s delicate skin whilst also being gentle on the planet. 

“These wipes are approved by the British Skin Foundation.”

Tesco offers exclusive discounts to Brits sold up to its membership programme. 

You can also collect Clubcard points on food, fuel, fashion and more, both in-store and online.

Further included on the £1 baby wipes deal is a single pack of Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes 0% Plastic 52 Wipes.

“Your baby’s sensitive skin is very delicate and deserves gentle cleansing, starting at the nappy change,” a blurb on these wipes reads.

“Pampers Sensitive baby wipes’ water-based formula provides a soft clean and mild skin protection for your baby’s delicate skin. 

“They contain 0% plastic, and are made with 100% plant-based fibres. 

“The enzymes in pee and poo alter the skin’s pH, increasing the risk of irritation and rash. 

“Pampers Sensitive plastic-free baby wipes’ unique formula is dermatologically tested and protects natural skin pH better than cotton wool and water, reducing the risk of skin irritation.”

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