Gardening centre reduces huge planters to just £1

SHOPPERS have been left divided after one woman shared an unusual bargain she spotted in Trago Mills.

The garden centre and homeware shop has everything you could ever need to spruce up your space, even toilet pans.

The £1 loo was on sale in the garden centreCredit: Facebook – Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK
The toilet wasn’t quite what people had in mind for their gardenCredit: Getty

But Ali, who spotted the toilet pans in her local shop, had other plants for them.

Posting in the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she said: “Toilet pans, ideal as planters £1 each in Trago Mills, Newton Abbot at the moment.”

The shopping fan shared a snap of one of the bargain toilet pans on display with flowers in it.

That said, it’s not clear if Ali put them there if they were already part of the display.

Next to the display is a sign for the toilets, confirming they’re on clearance for just £1 each.

Other shoppers were confused by the bargain loo but others found it pretty funny.

One said: “Don’t you just love Trago lol.”

And a second quipped: “Is the stock ready to go? Lol.”

Meanwhile, other Facebook users began tagging their friends to let them know about the bargain buy.

Oddly enough though, it’s not the first time people have used unusual items as planters in their gardens.

One woman previously made her own huge planters from scraps, and they ended up looking pretty expensive.

She explained how she made them on Instagram, leaving other DIY fans amazed by her stunning creation.

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