People Are Sharing Their Best ‘Zero Waste’ Tips And Tricks, Here Are 30 Of The Most Helpful Ones (New Pics)

You’ve already seen many tips and tricks for sustainable cooking from Reddit, but here are more. Though eating and cooking are very individual, there are a few general guidelines on how to make it more environmentally friendly and healthy.

•Plan your meals. Buy the things that you will eat throughout the day or week, so the remaining food does not get thrown away.

•Think twice when eating out. Takeaway food usually comes in plastic containers, if the portion is too big, food gets wasted.

•Repurpose what you can. Use the leftovers to create a new recipe and make a smoothie from overlooked fruits and veggies.

•Shop with zero waste in mind. Bring your bag, avoid things with plastic packaging, and pay attention to expiration dates.

•Store food for maximum life. Keep your fridge and shelfs clean, so the bacteria do not build up and cause food to rot quicker.

•Preserve your foods. Make food last longer with pickling, freezing, canning, etc.

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