I’m ex-cabin crew and there’s a type of suitcase I don’t recommend

AN ex-cabin crew member has revealed the one type of suitcase you should avoid using next time you jet off.

Despite being a popular choice for holiday goers the design means they’re easier than most to break into, she claimed.

There’s one type of suitcase that’s easy to break intoCredit: Getty

This comes after one woman posted in the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK asking for advice on which suitcase she should buy.

Sharing a snap of a grey fabric suitcase she found in Home Bargains, Joanne wrote: Wanted a suitcase with four wheels for ages.

“Found this in Home Bargains £34.99 for a large suitcase. Anyone got this, is it robust enough to get thrown about by luggage handlers at the airport?”

But after asking for shopping advice ex-cabin crew member Cat shared why the suitcase might not be the best buy.

She explained: “As ex cabin crew I recommend a hard shell case. Fabric is too easy to damage and break into.”

Not only that, but she recommended purchasing one with a “concealed zipper.”

“It’s very easy for a thief to put a pen through your zip, open your bag and take as they want and then zip the bag back up.

“You’re none the wiser until you look for something to unpack,” she said.

After sharing her advice Cat recommended  Delsey brand suitcases.

She said they “used to be the case of choice but it’s crazy expensive these days I think.”

According to the jet setter you can still find good quality ones second hand from places like Facebook Marketplace though.

However, not everyone was convinced with the ex-cabin crew member’s advice.

One person revealed they prefer fabric suitcases after one bad experience with a hard shell one, she said: “I had a beautiful hard case the last time I went on holiday.

“When I was waiting on my case it was on the belt smashed at the corners so now I go for normal case.”

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