Cleaning fans swear by simple £1 hack to remove stubborn sun cream stains from clothes with barely any faff involved

MANY of us Brits will be hugely grateful that the sun is out and we can finally enjoy some much-needed time outside in our gardens.

But if you’ve been lathering on the sun cream and have now got it all over your clothes – fear not, we’ve got just the thing for you. 

Cleaning enthusiasts have sworn by a very simple hack to remove stubborn sun cream stains from clothesCredit: Getty
So if you made a mess when applying your cream this weekend, you’ll need to give Elbow Grease a tryCredit: B&M

Whilst sun cream is a must, especially in the summer, the product also often leaves our favourite garments covered in yellow stains that are difficult to remove.

Hannah Louise took to Facebook just one hour ago, to ask social media users for recommendations to remove sun cream stains.

Posting in the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, which has 2.2million members, Hannah asked: “Hi. Does anyone know how to get sun cream stains out of clothes?” 

Within minutes, cleaning fans flooded the post, sharing their tips and tricks.

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While many different quick and easy methods were suggested, the most popular method advised was to use Elbow Grease.

One person said: “Elbow Grease is great.”

Another added: “Elbow grease spray from B&M. I just sprayed it, let it soak for a bit and then popped it in the machine. It was spotless. Test a patch first though.”

A third commented: “Try a dishwasher tablet in the machine and or spray Elbow Grease on stains before you wash.” 

Someone else chimed in: “The pink elbow grease spray out of B&M takes stains out of everything. Even black banana stains from baby white clothes.”

Meanwhile, another cleaning fan agreed: “Elbow grease. My husband spit oil on a top. Put it in the wash, it didn’t come out. Put Elbow Grease on it. Washed again, completely came out. Use it on all stains now.”

If you haven’t got any Elbow Grease in your cupboards, you can pick a bottle up from a variety of different high-street chains, for as little as £1, including Savers and B&M.

There were a variety of other methods suggested too – as cleaning enthusiasts encouraged Hannah to try Mould and Mildew spray, white vinegar and Vanish Oxi Action.

One cleaning whizz advised: “There is an Astonish Mould and Mildew spray that is great on whites.

“I use it on my kids polo t-shirts that get tomato sauce, paint from school, sun cream stains.

“Spray it on and leave to soak for a little while. Like 10-15 minutes.

“Then I wash on a 30° or 40° wash with a precast as well. Seems to work well.”

A third claimed: “White vinegar works wonders.”

Whilst someone else posted: “Buy Vanish Oxi Action! It’s a miracle worker. Gets out all kinds of stains. Pour it on the area and then put some in the detergent draw.”

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