I wore a £16 Primark nighty out on my hols

FASHION fans have been styling sleepwear as outerwear and it seems Primark is the place to go if you want to hop on the trend. 

One woman shared how she styled her Primark nightdress as everyday wear on her summer holiday.

One woman shared how she styled her Primark nightdress as everyday wear on her summer holidayCredit: Extreme Couponing and Bargains
Primark are selling the floral print satin camisole nightdress for £16Credit: Primark

Taking to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook the savvy shopper said she bagged the outfit of just £16. 

“I got this night dress for £16 and wore it out on holiday last week,” she said.

The fashion fan paired the night dress with a pair of wedge heels and a straw duffle bag which was £35 from M&S.

The signature piece is from bargain store Primark. 

The high street store are selling the Floral Print Satin Camisole Nightdress for £16. 

It seems fashion fans have been picking up on Primark’s hints as the brand says the nightie is ‘a slip dress that almost looks ready for the beach!’

The slip style falls flatteringly to a mid length and features dainty straps and a V neckline to offer you a sensual and essentially comfortable. 

But may fashion fans have decided that nightdresses can be worn for sometime other that beauty sleep. 

People have been spotted out and about in nightwear as daywear including formal events.

It seems Primark is the place to go if you’re looking for some of these signature pieces at very affordable prices. 

The fashion fan’s Primark nightdress look racked up over 260 likes on Facebook.

Many users pointed out the style could work well for summer weddings. 

One user confessed: “Oooo never thought about that! It looks fab! x

Another said: “Someone else did this for a wedding! Got a Primark nightie from the Bridgerton collection and paired it with a fascinator for a wedding x.”

A third user said: “Love the dress but the trousers do look like pyjamas.”

“I would have done the same, it looks lovely on you,”confessed a fourth viewer.

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Another user argued: “Looks lovely, bet it was cool to wear too.”

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