People are only just realising Costa is making a major change to its rewards scheme

PEOPLE are only just realising Costa is making a major change to its rewards scheme – and they’re furious.

The cafe giant currently gives loyal customers a free drink after collecting eight beans – one after every drink.

People are just realising Costa Coffee is making a change to its loyalty schemeCredit: Alamy

But from August 1, the chain wants diners to collect ten beans before being awarded a free tipple.

It means customers at the chain’s 2,600 UK outlets will have to buy two extra coffees at a cost of up to £12 before receiving any reward.

And some Costa fans are only just realising that the chain is planning to make the change and they’ve shared their anger on social media.

Post in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, one livid customer said: “Just a heads up for Costa app users.

“From the 1st of August you have to collect 10 beans (instead of the usual) before getting a free drink.”

The post got more than 800 likes and over 1,300 comments.

One customer said: “Whaaaat!? As if costa isn’t expensive enough already. What a rip off.”

While another wrote: “I didn’t know”, and a third added: “They haven’t told me yet”.

Costa previously defended the changes to its rewards scheme in a statement to The Sun.

A spokeswoman, said: “We’ve made some changes to Costa Club, including how many Beans customers need to collect before they can redeem a free drink in store.

“They’ll still collect one Bean for every handcrafted drink they buy in a store or from a Costa Express machine but will need to collect 10 Beans to get a free drink.”

She added that customers will continue to collect an extra bean in store when using a reusable cup.

The chain is also launching a new reward feature aimed to give customers more personalised offers.

Just weeks ago it was revealed Costa had hiked its prices again taking the price of certain souped-up drinks soaring past £6. 

Basic versions of the same drinks still cost £3-£4 in smaller sizes.

Last month, rival chain Pret announced it was upping the price of its loyalty scheme by 20% to £30 a month in the face of increased staff and wholesale costs.

To find out the top coffee reward schemes, check out our guide.

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