Rind banks on 100-year-old grandmother’s advice to maximise nutrition and minimise food waste through the power of the peel

BakeryandSnacks caught up with founder and CEO Matt Weiss at Sweets and Snacks, held in late May in Chicago, US.

“We are a New York-based snack manufacturer focused on the power of the peel,”​ said Weiss.

“All the nutrition, all the fibre, is concentrated in the skin of the fruit, and yet it’s the most commonly discarded food scrap. So, it has been our mission as a brand to build an exciting portfolio of snacks that maximises nutrition and minimises food waste,”​ said Weiss, noting he based this on lessons from his great-grandmother, a health food pioneer in the 1920s who lived to the grand age of 100 years.

“She used to preach roots, rinds, seeds and stems, all the forgotten scraps of produce that house the most nutrition. She lived to a hundred and she was full of vitality, even later in life, and that always stuck with me. So, when I started the snack brand, it was her influence and her entrepreneurial spirit that brought this forward.”

Giving ‘waste’ a second life

Rind is fully rooted in sustainability – using rescued fruit that is considered too ripe or bruised for retail and upcycling not just bits, but the whole fruit.

“We’re able to help eliminate hundreds of thousands of pounds of edible peels from going to food waste. We think it’s a very big idea to partner with a citrus juice manufacturer. Orange juice, interesting, is the fourth most consumed beverage in the US after water, coffee and tea.”

However, Weiss said most of the juice comes from concentrate and doesn’t have the benefits from the fibre-rich peel, so a wealth is there for the taking in reclaiming the spent grinds from the juicing process.

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