Mum’s ‘genius’ tip to make Jubilee T-shirts for kids using £1 Tesco napkins

A mum has been praised for her DIY Jubilee T-shirts she made using a £1 pack of Tesco napkins.

With children taking part in various events to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, it can be a tough call finding outfits for the occasion, especially when times are so tough. But mum Melanie Lord’s idea has gone down a storm for being so cheap and simple.

All she needed was a pack of Union Jack napkins, which cost £1 a pack in Tesco, and a two of their PE tops, costing £2 for two. Having peeled off the white layer from the underside of the napkin, she then glued it to the top and sealed it with some more PVA glue over the top.

Melanie Lord with children Harry and Jessica
Melanie Lord with children Harry and Jessica

The mum-of-two shared her step-by-step guide in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group where it’s since been shared thousands of times by parents who have praised her ‘genius’ hack.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News , Melanie, mum to Harry, six, and Jessica, four, said: “I make lots of crafts, I usually do fun alternative, cheap craft ideas that the kids enjoy. This idea is my own as I make many different things and share them on my blog. When I’m shopping an idea will just pop in my head and then I think ‘that will work’ and give it go.

Melanie's Facebook post with a step-by-step guide
Melanie’s Facebook post with a step-by-step guide

“When I saw the napkins I knew they would be a great alternative idea. So I made them for my son and daughter and they also helped me with them.

“Many of the shops were charging a lot more money for T-shirts with the British flag on, which isn’t budget friendly in today’s times. Also the children have a special Jubilee picnic at their school. My daughter especially loves getting messy at school and I wanted to create something that’s budget friendly and also wouldn’t matter if it got ruined.”

Small business owner Melanie, who lives in Lowestoft, Suffolk, has been staggered by the response to her post, adding: “I’m really loving seeing so many people going to give it a go at home. It’s so lovely.”

Her blog is called Climbing The Rainbow and can be found here.

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