I found a £17 plumping lip gloss in Home Bargains for just £3 and it made my lips look bigger – Emily Sleight

Home Bargains has been praised for selling a £17.95 lip gloss for just £3 after eagle eye shoppers spotted the product.

The ‘WUNDER2 WUNDERKISS’ lip plumping gloss is being sold at Boots for £17.95, but I managed to get it from Home Bargains for a lot cheaper.

Described as a lip gloss that gives your lips the ‘glossy look’ with a ‘plumped effect’ with a pigmented colour and high-shine finish.

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I thought I’d test out the product on top of some lipstick to see if the bargain buy was really worth the trip.

The lip gloss

I’ve seen mixed reviews about this product, with some shoppers on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group that aren’t fully convinced.

After taking the product out of this packaging, the look of the gloss wasn’t exactly impressive, but I didn’t want to judge.

I noticed that this particular gloss wasn’t coloured either, it was just clear, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It was a total bargain
It was a total bargain

After applying some to my lips, it felt really refreshing and moisturising and began to tingle slightly. The finish was definitely high shine, and made my lips look pretty glamorous for a random weekday evening.

As time went on, my lips began to feel plumper and bigger, and they definitely appeared more ‘pouty.’

The gloss wasn’t particularly sticky either, which was a bonus, as it can be really annoying when you get a tacky gloss. I’ll be honest, the gloss didn’t last on my lips for longer than one hour, but it still looked flawless within that time.

The verdict

I’d say this particular lip gloss was above average, and for the price, it was an absolutely great deal. Considering Boots is retailing the same brand and gloss for almost £18, Home Bargains has given us a cracking deal.

Downsides about this gloss are the fact it’s clear and doesn’t have any colour, and the plumping effect doesn’t last very long. Other than that, I’d say I was overall relatively impressed with the gloss.

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