Aldi shoppers praise ‘brilliant’ heating pad that is ‘great for chronic pain’ and aches

One keen-eyed Aldi customer spotted a heating pad in their local supermarket, and other shoppers have been quick to praise the product as “amazing” and a “godsend”.

The budget retailer sells Easy Home Heating Pads which are designed to offer warmth to the wearer’s back, neck, and shoulders.

According to the Aldi website, the product consists of a soft flannel fleece that comes with nine temperature options to choose from.

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The £16.99 device can be secured with push buttons and comes with permanent temperature control, as well as overheat protection.

The shopper who spotted the product in their local store was quick to share the news on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

Before long, their post had accumulated over 1,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments — with many users stating that the device helped ease their aches and pain.

One wrote: “These are brilliant brought from Aldi a few years ago fabulous great for chronic pain”.

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A second agreed: “I got similar from lidl the other day and neck part heats up too, best thing ever for sore neck and back”

“Had one for a while now, and it’s amazing for pain relief,” a third concurred.

Another said: “Absolutely brilliant, can’t live without it for my back!”

“I have one of these it’s brilliant,” shared a fifth.

A sixth commented: “These are amazing, I’ve had one for years”.

Aldi Heating Pad
The device has been a hit with most shoppers

“I have one of these and they are perfect for aches and pains,” posted a seventh.

“I have this and it’s amazing for back and shoulder ache,” shared another.

Meanwhile, a ninth revealed: “This is a god send for my back! Defo recommend”.

However, not everyone in the group was a fan of the product.

One user said: “I got one last year and it didn’t even last a month… I have fibro and used it most days. Was amazing but died so fast I couldn’t warrant a new one”.

A second commented: “Damn, I was nearly excited then. I pictured wearing it at work since the heating turns off randomly. But it has to be always connected.”

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