Oikos continues to defy yogurt stereotypes with Super Bowl ad showing different kinds of strength

Featuring football legend Deion ‘Coach Prime’ Sanders, his college quarterback son Shedeur Sanders and his mother, a 30-second spot set to air during the Super Bowl, pits father and son against each other in a competition to see who is the strongest.

Before tackling fetes of strength like raking leaves, chopping wood and elevating cars, Deion Sanders calls out Oikos Triple Zero with 15g of protein per 5.3 ounce serving as his fuel of choice for maintaining “dad’s strength,” while Shedeur Sanders touts Oikos Pro with 20g of protein for the same serving size as his choice “to try and get stronger than dad.”

With Deion Sanders winning two out of the three competitions, he appears to be the strongest, prompting his son to proclaim that he is “getting to dad strength” while snacking on Oikos. To which Deion quips that he can’t get to “dad strength” without being a dad – prompting a fast check by his Deion’s mother, Connie, who usurps the him as the strength-challenge victor when she asks, “Strength? How do you think I gave birth do you and your big head?”

Laughing at the commercial’s surprise ending, Surbhi Martin, vice president, Greek yogurt & functional nutrition at Danone North America, says, “it’s hard to argue that [Connie] isn’t the strongest of them.”

But for all the ad’s silliness, she said it delivers an important message about who eats yogurt and why.

She explains that the twist showcases how strength comes in many forms and how Oikos’ nutritional benefits can help everyone achieve their goals – reinforcing the brand’s ethos as a “maverick”​ in the category that challenges “those conventions of what you expect a yogurt brand to behave and look like.”

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