Morrisons shopper shares salad box hack for cheap cheese

A Morrisons shopper has shared a hack that lets you get cheese extra cheap.

To get the deal you need to be in a supermarket that has a salad bar, and keep an eye out for when there are half price deals.

When that happens you choose one of the large salad boxes and stuff it with cheese.

That means you’ll be paying £1.87 for as much cheese as you can stuff in the bowl.

News Shopper: The salad bar at Morrisons has a cheese sectionThe salad bar at Morrisons has a cheese section

Jo posted the hack in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group saying: “Half price large salad boxes at morrisons £1.87 so I filled mine with cheese.”

Other shoppers loved the hack, which has had thousands of likes and comments.

Most people thought it was a brilliant idea.

One replied: “Cheap cheese, love the idea!”.

Some felt like Jo could have squeezed more cheese in to get an ever better bargain.

One shopper said: “Anyone else thinking they could squeeze more in?”

Other people said they’d used the same hack to buy other high value items on the salad bar.

One person said: “I filled mine with more expensive things like the beetroot pickle and coleslaw – thought I had a bargain! Clearly not!”

And another added: “I do the same but with olives.”

Whether you’ll truly get a bargain, depends on how much cheese you can fit into the container.

News Shopper: Jo posted the Morrisons hack in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook groupJo posted the Morrisons hack in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group

For instance, Morrisons charges £1.90 for an ordinary block of cheddar weighing 250g.

That means you need to get that much cheese in your salad box to make it cheaper than buying the normal way.

Last year, Morrisons explained why packs of eggs in liquid were spotted on the supermarket’s shelves.

The huge bags were spotted in the meal deal section.

Twitter user @TrumpetSexy revealed the offering, writing: “My local Morrisons is selling actual sacks of wet eggs.

“This is the most wretched and cursed item I have ever witnessed.”

The tweet quickly received 94.7k likes and has been retweeted and quote-tweeted more than 16k times.

One Twitter user responded: “This is disgusting. Who would buy that?”

Morrisons said the eggs are usually prepared for its salad bar, but sometimes it offers them to customers directly.

The company responded on Twitter, writing: “You see a cursed item but all I see is a bargain.”

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