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I am never afraid to take a chance. I found out that caramel coconut chocolate shortbread cookies at my store are identical to the name brand kind, as they taste identical but are almost a dollar cheaper. In many cases, I believe these products are made by the name brand anyway, as the package sizes are identical too, and even the plastic tray inside the package is identical.

I found that my store’s brand of peanut butter is made by one of the name brands of peanut butter. I picked up both jars, and the design imprinted in the plastic jar is the same for both. They also have identical plastic lids, but the lids are different colors.

Look at the ingredients list, too, when you compare the store’s brand to the name brand. If they are identical, the name brand probably made the store-brand item.

This is a great tip! If a brand is creating the same item for itself and a retailer, it’s very unlikely that they will stop the production line to add one different ingredient to differentiate it from the name brand.

I have to tell you about the facial tissues at my supermarket. Every time this store has a sale, I stock up. They are so nice and soft and not what you would expect from a store brand. For a while, I actually suspected they must be made by the most popular brand you can think of for these things.

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