You can now buy a version of Monopoly based on Home Bargains stores

The game board (Picture: Hasbro)

In more things we didn’t know we needed, budget Home Bargains has teamed up with Monopoly to create a new version of the game.

Yes, instead of the traditional trip around London in the standard version of the game, you can buy up stores and warehouses.

The game, which is only available from the store itself, of course, includes 22 branches across the UK, from Pontefract, Rutherglen and Newtownabbey to Harlow and Poole.

The board starts off at the first Home Bargains store at Old Swan in Liverpool and slowly work around the board.

Home Bargains Monopoly now exists (Picture: Hasbro)
Each square is a store or distribution centre (Picture: Hasbro)

Along the way, you might face paying out for store maintenance or be able to buy up a distribution centre.

The game is currently sold out online but has been spotted in stores and costs £14.99, which is actually cheaper than the classic edition. It is listed as £19.99 on the Home Bargains website.

Posted on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook page, a few called it ‘tacky’ but most shoppers were quick to make jokes about the unusual themed edition.

One said: ‘You pick up a chest of drawers priced at 40 pounds but when you get to the till it scans at 2.99. Collect 37 pound from the bank.’

Another laughed: ‘Do the squares keep randomly moving so you never know where to find anything?’

Someone else added: ‘You start the game, go round once and spend £67 on a basket of shite you didn’t know you needed, go directly to jail, do not pass go and do not collect your Fabulosa on the way out.’

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