Lidl’s sold-out inflatable kayak is being resold online for up to £150

The original is £39.99 (Picture: eBay)

When Lidl launched an inflatable kayak for just £39.99, Brits rejoiced.

With staycations becoming a popular choice for mini-breaks due to travel restrictions, Lidl’s bargain offering was welcome news.

And naturally, the item sold fast.

But, some shoppers have pointed out, that a few customers have purchased more than one to be able to re-sell it online for higher prices.

Over on eBay, the exact same model is being flogged for upwards of £50.

Some of the Crivit two-person kayaks are being sold for £90 and even £150.

It’s certainly a popular item as it sold out within hours of being available.

According to people on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the kayak sold out quickly

One member claimed that they saw a customer leaving with four of the kayaks.

While there’s no reason why customers can’t pick up as many as they want and sell them on, others said it was frustrating that they weren’t able to get one.

This sold out instantly (Picture: Lidl)

One person wrote on the group: ‘Sold out in ours within an hour. Now being sold elsewhere for £120.’

Meanwhile, another said: ‘Majority of stores sold out within the first hour, a manager told us yesterday. Now you can find them on eBay for between £80 to £120.’

A third commented: ‘They’re all gone, mate; people selling them on market place for 100 quid.

‘Takes the p**s coz they ain’t even gonna use them, just trying to make money. Nothing really wrong with it but there is when they’re all f***ing sold out.’

The original (Picture:Lidl)

One of the more expensive listing is for £150 to buy now or a starting price of £85, if you want to bid.

The listing also has a £15.85 delivery fee, taking your total up to £165.85 which is more than four times the original.

If you were hoping to hit the great outdoors with a kayak, fear not, Aldi has a similar kayak.

Although it is sold out online, check in-store to see if it’s available.

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