Netflix nabs one of the ’90s most beloved game shows

If you’re not a Netflix subscriber, Today notes that Supermarket Sweep is also available on Amazon Prime — at least the 1990 and 2001 seasons. But what if you don’t have either Netflix or Prime and don’t feel like forking out one more monthly fee? Yeah, sometimes it does feel like all the different streaming services are combining to nickel-and-dime to death the poor cord-cutter.

Luckily, Supermarket Sweep is also available on PlutoTV, a streaming service that is all free, all the time. Sure, they have ads, but that just adds to the retro ambience, and Pluto’s BUZZR channel (via Cord Cutters News) not only lets you watch Supermarket Sweep but also Super Password, Family Feud, Celebrity Name Game, Card Sharks, and Child’s Play (the game show, not the movie series about Chucky). 

If you choose to watch Supermarket Sweep on Pluto, you’ll be in good company — WWE’s Carmella is a fan, according to this tweet, though she switches back and forth between Supermarket Sweep and Pluto’s The Hills channel. (You know, that show with Speidi — yeah, Pluto’s got a channel devoted to that too, for all your guilty pleasure viewing needs).

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