How To Warm Up A Kiddie Pool Using A Balloon In Genius Hack

A mom has found a genius hack of warming the pool water using a balloon.

With people stuck at home and the warm summer weather finally here, many families have been using kiddie pools in their back yard to have fun with the kids. Most people fill the pools up with a garden tap by connecting a hose to the pool. However, the cold water might not be healthy for the kids, even though they might find it refreshing at first. A mom has found a genius hack of warming the pool water using a balloon. The mom shared her genius hack of putting hot water in the pool on Craft n’ Creations, DIY n’ tips Facebook page.

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Instead of waiting for so long for the sun to warm the water in the pool, one mom says she cuts off the tube section of a balloon that is not used, forming something like a tube, and she uses it to connect her kitchen tap to the hosepipe that leads to a garden pool. She says that this hack does not require any tape, and it works for her all the time. You need to ensure that the tap is facing the same direction as the hosepipe so you do not exert too much pressure on the balloon. This way, the family ensures that warm water from the kitchen tap gets to the pool.


According to the Mirror, you might use tape if necessary to hold the balloon in place. This Facebook post has gained popularity, with many parents claiming to try this trick to have a warm pool for their munchkins. Most parents have applauded the mom for inventing this useful hack. Some people commented that they were happy that they no longer have to purchase tap adapters. Some commenters wondered why they have never thought of this simple but useful hack.

Connecting the hose to the paddling garden pool is a nice way of saving you the numerous trips of going back and forth to fill the pool with water. Recently, another mom also shared on Extreme Couponing and Bargains Group UK Facebook group how she has been able to use a plastic bottle to act as a tap adaptor. The woman said that she inserts the hose inside the mouth of a plastic bottle and ties it, and then she cuts a section of the plastic bottle to insert the tap so that the water flows to the hosepipe. People were amazed by this creativity, and they said that there was not any need for a tap adaptor when such a plastic bottle was around.

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