People Are Raving Over Avon’s Violet Shampoo

It’s safe to assume that a lot of us are in need of a freshen up with our hair RN.

While we wait with bated breath for salons to open next month, blondes across the nation are trying their best to swerve brassy and yellow tones as our hair grows – a job we once relied on our hair stylist for.

In the mean time, people are raving about Avon’s new Colour Correction Violet Shampoo and Conditioner for exactly that problem.

People are loving Avon's new violet range for blondes (Credit: Avon)
People are loving Avon’s new violet range for blondes (Credit: Avon)

Purple shampoo is hardly new news, but Avon’s new products are already receiving high praise from shoppers.

Spotted on Facebook Group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, one shopper who is currently using them called them “amazing” while another said: “This is the best purple shampoo i have used. Hands down beats everything else!”

Another added: “Love it on my blonde hair. I have a lot of gray and not had a colour on my hair since February. Was due to be done when we went on lockdown.”

They continued: “I’m very reluctant to do a home colour but don’t really need to as using this shampoo my roots have blended in pretty good.

“I have tried lots of different brands of purple shampoos and this is by far the best. Leaves hair nice and shiny and no brassy bits.”

The shampoo is said to be great for banishing brassy tones (Credit: Unsplash)
The shampoo is said to be great for banishing brassy tones (Credit: Unsplash)

A fourth agreed: “Currently using this and it’s so good … leaves hair feeling really soft. Best shampoo / conditioner I’ve found for ages that doesn’t cost a fortune.”

On the topic of price, Avon’s shampoo and conditioner are usually £4 each – but unfortunately are sold out at the moment.

You could wait for them to be available here or otherwise nab a set on eBay – but be warned about the markup.

Tik Toker Holly Vlogs, who is based in the UK, showed off the range on her channel.

“If you have blonde hair it’s worth trying the new violet shampoo and conditioner range at Avon,” she told her followers.

Holly called the products “incredible” before showing off the generous 400ml bottle – which is rather large for shampoo and conditioner.

Great news considering there’s nothing worse than your conditioner running out after two squirts!

The vlogger then showed off the vibrant purple colour of the shampoo when squirted into her hand and the result, revealing ashy perfect blonde tones with not a hint of yellow.

Our hair could definitely do with an affordable and decent purple shampoo right about now.

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