Family transforms patio into fun, kid-friendly abode in £700 DIY project

A creative family-of-five have transformed their dull patio into a fun, kid-friendly abode by using second-hand furniture in a budget DIY lockdown project

Louise and Allan Sprules, from Newbury in Berkshire, scoured eBay, B&M, Etsy and Facebook for pieces to revamp their patio and make it more suitable for their three children during the summer months.

Because of the coronavirus lockdown, they were unable to hire contractors or builders so they took on the challenge and renovated the place themselves.

Louise also found discounted buys from B&M, costing her just £200 in total for chairs, a kid play area, sofa and other accessories.

Allan built the roof from scratch after purchasing the materials from, B&Q and Wickes hardware stores costing him £271, while Louise painted the frame and decorated the area.

How the patio looked before the transformation

The whole renovation took the couple less than two weeks to complete and set them back just under £700.

The posted their patio transformation on Facebook’s Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, gaining over 5,200 likes as users praised the couple for their job well done.

One wrote: “That’s looks gorgeous”

Another said: “Amazing great job”

Louise and Allan Sprules, scoured eBay, B&M, Etsy and Facebook for pieces

Meanwhile, one added: “Brilliant, and love that you made half for the children”

Speaking about the project, Louise said: “It was always planned to improve the outdoor space coming into the spring or summer and I’ve been researching different ideas to find a balance to suit my family and for my job.

“We thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and children can learn incredible things in the garden.

“The approximate cost was between £600 and £700 but this including the roof totalling £271 and furniture at £200 and the outdoor easel was £150 everything else I found bargain hunting on eBay, B&M, Etsy and Facebook.

Allan built the roof from scratch

“We used treated timber for the structure at standard 2.4m lengths which covered the desired area perfectly.

“This was sourced from B&Q and Wickes hardware stores.

“We were very lucky to get what we needed before lockdown.

“The roof is a really simple but strong and safe structure.

The transformation cost just under £700

“My husband started by measuring out where the support posts would go, completed the frame attaching it securely to the brick wall and then proceeded with the roof.

“Again, carefully measuring where each beam would fit on the frame to ensure it matched the roof sheet measurements.

“The complete roof was sourced from they were extremely helpful over the telephone and provided us with everything we needed.

The couple were unable to hire any builders because of the lockdown

“Once it was completed, I got to work with paint and accessorising.

“The whole work was entirely done by myself and my husband.

“He is brilliant at bringing my visions to life and I fully trust his handiwork.

The couple have three children

“The completed work was done in less than 2 weeks.

“The decking was laid last summer and I’m actually still adding some accessories to give it a bit more bohemian feel.”

However, Louise advised others to not to try taking on a big scale project if they are not experienced with power tools and using ladders.

She added: “If anyone was looking to do something like this, the only advice I would give is that to be cautious for your safety, don’t attempt a job like this if your inexperienced using ladders and power tools.

“Now really isn’t the time to be having accidents.”

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